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Arden Pottery
Arden Pottery in its 28 year of business offers a fine variety of functional and decorative pieces created by Joanne Pickett. Thrown and hand-build functional pottery, sculpted pieces for the garden, candles, cards, paintings and photography.

We are pleased to let you know that this year Joanne Pickett is offering a pottery workshop for the whole family during your stay here at Kirk Kove Cottages in her studio. If you would like to participate in a workshop please contact Joanne 613-335-2763 or e-mail

Arden Batik
Sarah Hale discovered batiking 27 years ago and has been doing art with wax and dye ever since. Her specialty is landscape celebrating the rocky terrain around her village as well as Big Gull Lake. She also makes a wide variety of greeting and name cards. Her studio is only a 10 minute drive from Kirk Kove Cottages. 613-335-2073

Robert Colebrook Keirstead
Robert Colebrook Keirstead is a member of the famous Keirstead family of artists. He signs his paintings "Colebrook" and his home and spectacular gallery are called Colebrook Studio.
Colebrook was born in Toronto on June 14, 1939 and was raised in the Village of Sharbot Lake located in Eastern Ontario, Canada.
From a very early age he worked in the bush gathering sap in the spring and skiding pulp wood with a horse in the winter, all the while studying and learning about the wildlife that surrounded him.
After several years in engineering drafting, Colebrook at the age of 35, left his job to become a full-time professional artist.  Through several art galleries and many shows he quickly rose through the ranks of popular Canadian Wildlife and Landscape artists.
Colebrook's crowning achievement was winning the coveted title of Canadian Artist of the year for Ducks Unlimited in 1991.     613-478-5370

All of the above artists are featured in our gift shop, June - October.